I'm Charley Mann

I Work with Law Firm Owners Like You to Bring Out Your Best Entrepreneurial Self and Inner Leader... so You Get More Clients, Make More Money, and Lead a High Performance Team

Do you have a burning desire to build a brand new version of your firm (which you know will be better for you, your family, and your team) but are stressed out and pulled in too many directions already?

Excited to accelerate to your next level of financial, personal, physical, and emotional success?!

Let’s eliminate fear, build your entrepreneurial skillet, and make you the creator of your very bright, financially fulfilling future...

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Find the Best Way to Get Started...

This is our #1, most-requested program for law firm owners… and it’s 100% free for you to access! Learn how to add $100,000 or more in new, referred clients to your law firm with a proven, three-step strategy.

Work with Charley one-on-one to build your entrepreneurial skillset, develop your strategic plan, and be held accountable to the actions you need to take. NOTE: spots, if available, are very limited; availability is first come, first served.

This bestselling course puts dollars in your pocket by giving you the secret persuasive writing methods of legendary copywriters… now translated for law firm owners and marketers!



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From Ordinary Firm to Extraordinary Law Business...

Watch "The Breakthrough Machine" Free...

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Why Do Some Law FIRMs GROW and Profit WHILE OTHERS FAIL?

The answer is surprisingly simple. Top-performing owners don't make blind decisions. They understand they don't have to "go it alone" and eagerly invite in outside advisors. MOST IMPORTANTLY, top-performing owners challenge themselves to be better every day and work on themselves just as much as they work on law firm's big picture.





"Charley is a rarity and truly peerless. In an industry rife with charlatans, separating the wheat from the chaff can sometimes be difficult. However, after but a moment's interaction with Charley, it's abundantly clear that he is the genuine article. Professional without preaching, Charley commands authority naturally.

I listen to this man intently. He is my coach and a true friend.
Charley is the type of person you want in your inner circle."

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"I have been working with Charley as my coach for several years. He takes the time to learn about me, my business, my staff, and my goals.

I value his opinion and input as my coach, as well as his friendship and support. I can truly attest to his strength of character, his ability to digest and solve problems, and his willingness to lend a listening ear. I give him the highest possible recommendation!"

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"Charley is best in class. Can't thank him enough for always bringing out the best in me. He is very smart and knows what lawyers need to do to lead the lives they desire. If you listen to his suggestions and then implement, you will soar."

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"Great coaches are ones that make you happy with critiques that make you better with the tools already at your disposal. Charley has the RARE ability to synthesize a broad scope of information and experience into actionable items that spur business growth. He picks up on things such as tone, micro-expressions, word choice, and the like to dig deeper into the challenges a business owner, particularly lawyers, face in building their practices. He's walked the walk with his work with Ben Glass Law. Now, he coaches a select group to even greater success. If you're interested in stepping up your game, get in touch with Charley."

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"I've worked with Charley for multiple years now. He probably understands more about my practice than I do, and he has helped my office grow, help more families, do better work for those families, and allow me to spend more time with my own family than I did years ago. He is extremely creative and great to bounce ideas off of. Huge wealth of knowledge in marketing, law firm management, growth, personal development, staffing, etc. I have personally recommended multiple colleagues of mine to work with him as well."

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"Charley is an amazing business coach and always has cutting edge thoughts as well as ideas on how to implement them. He is amazingly well read and does a great job of providing different perspectives!"

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It's a Formula...

You deserve a coach who both expands your vision of what is possible and assists in building your strategic plan. Every step we take together will move to unlocking your ideal vision backed by a proven plan to get there.

>> The majority of "lawyer coaches" will take general advice and slap the word "lawyer" next to it... <<

Instead, you will work with a coach who wants to match your inner brilliance with unrivaled insights into the business of law... curated and applied directly to YOUR FIRM.

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"Charley's passion to help small to mid-sized law firms is inspirational. He provides a holistic approach where his primary focus is on improving his clients' lifestyle, which is not just about improving the bottomline (although that is a big part of it). Charley provides a plethora of techniques and strategies for running a more successful and profitable law firm, but what I think sets Charley apart is his drive to help attorneys achieve the ideal work/life balance. This approach is both refreshing and what everyone should be focused on at the end of the day."

Live Your "Too Good to Be True" life...


Your vision, leadership, and strategic plan are the beating heart and cultural soul of the practice. Allow your inner dreamer to resurface and build past the limitations you perceive today!

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"If you're a lawyer, you own your own firm, and you want more out of business and life, connecting with Charley will be the best decision you make all year. There's nothing easy about building and growing a successful law firm in the face of ever increasing competition and advertising, in a constantly shifting media environment. Not only does Charley stay ahead of the trends, but he reduces your action plan into simple steps. If you follow his advice, you will succeed. He gives you all the tools you need to transform your practice and live the life you've dreamed of."

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  • ​My law firm has so much potential, but I need help with the strategy to escape where we are and reach a profoundly higher level of impact
  • ​I want to "scale up" my firm without tying my hours to my income (aka, I want to escape the day-to-day work and become a true CEO/owner)
  • ​We are growing but I find myself anxious about the next steps and worry about burning out or missing an important strategic decision

If you were nodding your head to any of those statements, you sound exactly like my clients' "before stories!" For a long time, I have worked side-by-side with owners like you... Through the right coaching program for your needs, we conquer your wildest business and lifestyle goals while elevating you into the best and highest value use of your time. You will breathe a huge sight of relief after just one session... (and we'll make you a ton of money in the process)

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"Charley has a fantastic marketing and business mind. He is constantly keeping me on my toes with his new ideas and strategies but I'm more impressed with his ability to execute."



  • ​Constant Support: If you qualify, you will work directly with Charley as your coach
  • ​Strategic Plan: Build the right plan for you from our proven core system
  • ​Be the Best You: Expect to explore and expand on your hidden gifts... deploying them to grow faster than ever!

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