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Imagine no more frustration with "what's next" for your law firm... because you have a next-level entrepreneurial skillset, a network you can call on for help at any moment, world-class coaching, and a strategic plan that builds TRUE WEALTH from your law firm...

For 15 law firms only... JUST SIX SPOTS REMAIN!

Limited Spaces Available - Additionally, There is Location and Practice Area Exclusivity for Participants

Discover Why Genesis is THE SUCCESS LABORATORY for the Crazy and Committed Entrepreneurial Law Firm Owner...

"Charley has the RARE ability to synthesize a broad scope of information and experience into actionable items that spur business growth."

AJ Yolofsky

Estate Planning/Business Law

Charley is a rarity and truly peerless. He is the type of person you want in your inner circle.

Nate Amendola

Criminal Defense

"Charley is best in class. Can't thank him enough for always bringing out the best in me. He knows what lawyers need to do to lead the lives they desire."

Chris Earley

Personal Injury

Set, Achieve, and Exceed Your Wildest Growth Goals with a POWERFUL Group of Entrepreneurial Firm Owners...

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From The Desk of Charley Mann
Chantilly, Virginia

Dear Law Firm Owner,

As I write this letter to you today, the world is in upheaval. Much of it is quiet - even underground. Some of the upheaval lives in plain view but can't be "seen" because it is considered the new normal.

It does so while you fight to build a better life for you and your family...

The economy turns left and right, up and down, at the same time.

Full percentage point swings day after day in the stock market are normal. (They're not supposed to be.) We watched the rise and fall of cryptocurrency markets make and break fortunes overnight. Our so-called "tech leaders" knowingly built devices designed to capture infinite attention, draining users to soulless husks.

But what does this have to do with owning a law firm?

Seemingly nothing...

Except that it's all a distraction.

It's a distraction away from the SMARTEST DECISION YOU EVER MADE:

Opening a law firm.

Yes, I mean it...

Even on your worst days, you must know that becoming a law firm owner was an incredible decision.

The only issue...

is whether or not you are fully capitalizing on this investment. Are you turning your practice into a business capable of growing independently of your effort? Is it serving you first, rather than you serving it?

I'm here to tell you...

Your Law Firm Should Be the #1 Wealth-Generating Asset in Your Life... AND Give You The Freedom to Live a Great Life!

Forget about all the gimmicks out there...

No investment will outperform your law firm.

It is a renewable asset, capable of setting you and your family up for an unprecedented LIFESTYLE, driven by massive growth and profit.

Best of all...

You have control over your law firm's future.

Stephen Covey, in writing his 7 Habits of Highly Success People, put one specific habit at the beginning of his list...


Specifically, you increase your Circle of Control - and shrink your circle of concern.

You have CONTROL over the future of your law firm.

Every morning, you can wake up and move your future forward by taking simple actions.

This is powerful...

an underestimated power available at your fingertips to ensure long-term financial prosperity for yourself and the people you care about - including your family and team members.

The ONLY asset you need is...

Mastery of your entrepreneurial skillset.

Paralysis by analysis...

Fear of committing to an unknown outcome...

Decision fatigue.

Every law firm owner hits a point of "what's next" in the entrepreneurial journey. The marketing skills you built got you HERE, but won't get you THERE. Your systems which once enabled productivity are now the hindrance. Leading your people used to be as simple as having a few key contributors. Now your workforce is growing - it's harder and harder to find and train up the right people to execute on your vision.

To stay in control...

... to be in command of your future...

You need to build your skills and ENTREPRENEURIAL HABITS.

Only 15 Law Firms will...

Get This Competitive Edge

"How to Achieve Complete Mastery of Your Entrepreneurial Future and Fortune"

Your role as a law firm owner is to hold the major parts of the practice in equal weight - Marketing, Operations, and Finance.

This is separate from being the "doer" - a role you should relinquish as soon as possible. You can hire a marketing person to focus exclusively on the marketing. There’s an ops director to handle scaling on the administrative side. And your financial team takes care of processing and delivering the financial data.

You don’t need to know the depths of Google’s algorithms. No need to build every one of the SOPs for your legal team. And please, please, please stop doing your own bookkeeping.

You live in the STRATEGIC CENTER. 🎯

The challenge is being in this nebulous middle...

You bring the parts together and demand they work in tandem. Instead of flirting with one piece or the other, you expect all areas to improve – simultaneously, in lockstep with your personal growth and the law firm’s greater mission.

This is NOT EASY.

It is the biggest challenge for all great entrepreneurs. Left to our own devices, we are apt to wander around, putting together this plan and that... never coalescing into an OPERATING SYSTEM for running the law firm.

That’s why...

I am bringing together 15 law firm owners who are prepared to challenge each other to grow across every part of owning a law firm in a unique and thrilling MASTERMIND GROUP. But this is very, very different from the 100-person rooms claimed as a “mastermind.” This calls back to the foundations of the word...


Napoleon Hill's original concept of the mastermind was introduced in his 1937 book Think and Grow Rich.

The mastermind principle is based on the idea that when two or more people come together in harmony to work towards a definite purpose, they create a synergy of energy, commitment, and creativity that is far greater than what the individual members could achieve on their own.

Key Aspects of the Mastermind Concept:

1. Synergy of Energy: When individuals come together with a common goal, their combined energies create a synergy that amplifies their ability to achieve that goal. This is akin to the saying, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

2. Pooling of Skills and Knowledge: A mastermind group brings together people with different skills, experiences, and perspectives. This diversity leads to a richer pool of knowledge and ideas, enabling more innovative and effective solutions to problems.

3. Mutual Support and Accountability: Members of a mastermind group support each other and hold one another accountable to their commitments. This creates a sense of responsibility and motivation that can propel members towards achieving their goals.

4. Brainstorming and Idea Generation: In a mastermind group, brainstorming sessions enable the generation of creative ideas that an individual might not have come up with alone. The collaborative environment fosters out-of-the-box thinking.

5. Overcoming Challenges: Group members can offer advice and share experiences on overcoming similar challenges, providing valuable insights and strategies that can be applied to current obstacles.

What You Experience in a REAL Mastermind Group:

1. Enhanced Problem-Solving Abilities: The diverse perspectives in a mastermind group lead to more comprehensive problem-solving, as members can approach challenges from various angles.

2. Increased Motivation and Confidence: Being part of a supportive group boosts individual confidence and motivation. Seeing others succeed and receiving encouragement can drive members to push beyond their perceived limits.

3. Acceleration of Goal Achievement: The combined efforts and shared wisdom in a mastermind group speeds up the process of achieving goals, as members benefit from each other's experiences and insights.

4. Personal and Professional Growth: Regular interaction with a group of motivated individuals dedicated to growth leads to significant personal and professional development.

5. Success-Oriented Environment: Surrounding yourself with success-minded individuals creates a positive and ambitious mindset, which is crucial for achieving high levels of success.

Napoleon Hill didn’t just suggest a concept; he handed over a blueprint for monumental success. The mastermind principle isn't just powerful; it's the game changer you've been waiting for. Join the ranks of those who refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

Remember, in the world of success, it's not just about what you know, but who you're with...

Are you ready to unlock your full potential?

Yes, You Will Get More Clients, Make More Money, and Live a FULL and FULFILLED LIFE

This is not the average mastermind room. (Tragically, these days most so-called mastermind groups are no more than a cash grab, packed to the gills with dabblers.)

Genesis isn’t designed for those who need close attention on marketing tactics or precise "how to" info on creating an SOP. There are other avenues for us to have those discussions. Feel free to grab another resource from my website, watch my YouTube videos, and/or listen to episodes of “They Don’t Teach This in Law School.”

Genesis is for BIG THINKING 🧠...
major strategy decisions 📈...
collecting powerful ideas 💡...
and collective accountability 🙌.


I am not ignorant of the base desires for law firm owners.

👉 You will get more high-value, high-profit clients.

I guarantee during your time with Genesis, we will create, discuss, and develop:

  • High caliber digital marketing strategies that remain on the bleeding edge of where the technology is going 🤖 – without showcasing or promoting the silly snake oil (remember when everyone else was talking about NFTs? I spoke out repeatedly against this false cash grab many were selling to lawyers.)

  • Sales tactics to not just improve your close rate but the close rates of associates and intake specialists 📞 (so you can actually step away from being essential to closing new clients)

  • How to get anyone handling intake to qualify prospects faster and drive them to an appointment or even a signed contract with your firm... and how to structure the process to get you and high-level team member off low value calls, so they’re busy making big dollars instead of talking with tire kickers

  • Positioning strategies to increase your firm’s authority, letting you charge higher prices 💰 and/or acquire clients who actually do what you ask of them and listen to your wise counsel

  • Expansive referral marketing built on the core structures taught in my Referral Marketing Playbook ➡ move into “one-to-many” meetups with you as a central leader, kick up the email marketing, and make your mailers twice as effective

  • List-building concepts to create an unbeatable asset in communicating 📢 with your community and ideal clients

Of course, those are the starting points of our discussions.

I haven’t even touched on video marketing...
search engine optimization...
digital ad spend...
and the myriad of other ways to attract more clients.

As much as the advice will be about where to go, it too will be about what to avoid. Little sense in pushing you down paths full of distractions rather than positive outcomes.

As I learned from Dan Kennedy long ago, we are in the business of accomplishment, not activity.


Revenue is good. Profit is GREAT.

I want – expect – you to double your income. I don’t say this just as an effect of being in Genesis. You must make up your mind to do so. There is little to be done in trying to double the income of an individual too stubborn to desire double.

You must be willing to play with these stakes:

“Double my income... or drag me out of the battle on my shield, bloody and beaten from trying.”

To do this...

We must drive revenue at the right time and efficiency at the right time. There is considerable overlap, but you have seasons when one is more valuable than the other. Private coaching clients often hear me talk about “the shitty valley,” a space in revenue growth where profit doesn’t follow its linear motion. Suddenly you add hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, but little of it is profit for you. You will come out the other side with a recovered return, I assure you; however, you must wade through the muck to arrive.

As a caveat, I will not allow for doubling of your income built on doubling your hours.

You make more money, in the same or less time working on the firm.

I expect your doubling to come within a time frame built around your bigger life. Family, friends, experiences, etc. Those ask and deserve time just as much as your law firm. You will set boundaries around your life and honor them. There will be pushes and pulls – some urgent enough to require attention. Ultimately, you answer to the established boundaries and return to them with haste after handling the emergency.

👉 You will live a life so full and fulfilled, your past self would imagine it "impossible."

Your identity as an entrepreneur resides next to your other lives as a parent, parent, and YOU – the other parts of you asking for and deserving of attention.

What does a perfect week look like for you? A perfect month? Year?

It all sounds a little silly at first – building a dream month only for it to collide with the realities of children, aging parents, clients, and countless other forces.

Refusing to construct the perfect life, even as a background to your reality, is acquiescing to the status quo.

Its gravitational pull keeps you close to the mildly lived life.

When you build the model for your perfect life, you can’t help but solve for it, piece by piece. The pieces, like a jigsaw puzzle, add up to a full picture. Frankly, I would rather push for radical change and achieve 20% of it in the next year than aim for timid change and get all of it done. Chances are 20% of your wildest dreams are far bigger than 100% of your modest expectations.

Every participant in Genesis will construct and work directly toward his or her ideal life.

I guarantee your "impossible life" is within reach...

What is holding you back from grabbing it and never letting go?

10% of Genesis Revenue Goes to a Group Charitable Fund

When I started to set up the rules for the group, I knew I wanted to support charitable law firm owners. Of course, there’s saying you want to work with those people and then there is setting the standard.

The Genesis fund takes 10% of the mastermind fees and sets them aside as a charitable fund to give away throughout the year. The group will weigh in and suggest causes - you have the ability to steer where the collective giving goes.

At every meeting, we give money away.

Everyone in the group is part of the experience and able to share with their networks the combined giving they participated in. There is a myriad of ways you can put this to use. Raising additional money. Content for any and all media formats. Just the sheer joy of seeing money put to good use in the world.

Didn’t I tell you this group is unlike any other?

How Genesis Works (The Practical "How" Behind What We Do)

Genesis is a success laboratory unlike any other space for law firm owners.

Of course, you may wonder what your commitment will look like. What actually happens during your two years with the program?

Here is the structure of Genesis:

3 in-person mastermind meetings during the year (March, July, and November), each being two-day events from 8:30 AM on day one to 3:30 PM on day two

✅ You are making a two-year minimum commitment to the group, because I want this group to be about continuity of growth, not an annual sales cycle

✅ One meeting per year will be in my “backyard” of the DC metro area; the other two will be in different locations, though I reserve the right to flex this as needed

During non-meeting months, we have an online mastermind meeting built around a main discussion followed by small group work

1-2 guest speaker online sessions in between meetings, depending on speaker availability and need for the group

Access to a digital communications channel (i.e. Slack) for asking questions, celebrating wins, and tomfoolery

“Team roster” of all participants with relevant communication information

No more than 15 firms in the group

There is exclusivity on your practice area in a 15-mile radius around your main location (with additional dominion extended if deemed absolutely necessary to maintain the integrity of the group)

You are allowed a second person in the group (no more than the one) at an additional fee at the beginning of the year to cover associated costs (BONUS: this cost is waived for founding members - spaces still available)

The core of this program starts with the in-person meetings.

These days, many groups have four meetings on the year. The year is filled with quarterly meetings. This pattern requires disruption. Genesis is not about those rhythms. It is about bigger growth and entrepreneurial energy. We also follow the essential Marketing-Operations-Finance triangle for discussions, so the three meetings structure makes sense. Plus, while everyone is zigging, I would rather zag.


🚀 Hot seats (with serious drilldown for the participant in front of the room)

🚀 Guest speaker(s) pertaining to the core topic

🚀 Workshops to actually get the work done before you head home, including time regularly set aside for strategic planning

🚀 Group discussions on specific topics – such as digital marketing, hiring, KPIs, and more – to open the throttle on sharing and building ideas

Beware all who enter Genesis...

The components are played and experimented with to produce the best outcome for the room. You are playing with a mad scientist at the helm, adding and multiplying as needed to drive collective growth. If you desire fixed process over the strange alchemy that goes into amazing outcomes, look elsewhere. This could get uncomfortable for those who value repetition of structure.

On the other hand...

The adventurous ones who value adaptation and non-stop innovation will fit in and THRIVE within Genesis!


Every member commits to leveling up their game, including agreeing to this statement:

"I will... Create more jobs, Lead my community,
Donate more to charity, Lift other members up,
Make more money, Improve my relationships,
Communicate with clarity, and Dream big.”

"I Want You To Be Outrageously Successful."


This is not a side business. My business is your success.

Coaching is what I do. It is a long-cultivated skillset applied over many domains. Large groups, small groups, one-on-one... across my professional and personal life... all the reps poured in to the Genesis Mastermind.

I am hellbent on creating MEGA WINNERS out of the 15 law firms who make this once-in-a-lifetime leap!

Ready to Put the Pedal to the Metal?

This idea is very big... the opportunity TREMENDOUS.

For 15 law firm owners, this will go from idea to reality. They will be in a room with peers building them up, constructing new strategies, and pushing them to implement.

Will you be among them?

Little good will come from procrastinating. By the time you read this letter, spots will be taken. That is simply a promise, because as I write this, there are members already committed to the group and many more who have expressed interest.

If you are reading this, it means there are limited spaces remaining - a space is currently open.

Your place in Genesis awaits...

What Others Say About Working with Charley...

I've worked with hundreds of law firms moving from six- to seven- and even eight-figure revenue levels... will you be next?

Charley is an amazing business coach and always has cutting edge thoughts as well as ideas on how to implement them. He is amazingly well read and does a great job of providing different perspectives!”

👍 Scott Snellings, personal injury

I have been working with Charley as my coach for several years. He takes the time to learn about me, my business, my staff, and my goals. I value his opinion and input as my coach, as well as his friendship and support.

I can truly attest to his strength of character, his ability to digest and solve problems, and his willingness to lend a listening ear. I give him the highest possible recommendation!

👍 Mike Monteforte, estate planning

“I've worked with Charley for multiple years now. He probably understands more about my practice than I do, and he has helped my office grow, help more families, do better work for those families, and allow me to spend more time with my own family than I did years ago.

He is extremely creative and great to bounce ideas off of. Huge wealth of knowledge in marketing, law firm management, growth, personal development, staffing, etc. I have personally recommended multiple colleagues of mine to work with him as well.

👍 Nick Rosenbauer, estates and probate

Charley is best in class. Can't thank him enough for always bringing out the best in me. He is very smart and knows what lawyers need to do to lead the lives they desire. If you listen to his suggestions and then implement, you will soar.
👍 Chris Earley, personal injury
“Great coaches are ones that make you happy with critiques that make you better with the tools already at your disposal. Charley has the RARE ability to synthesize a broad scope of information and experience into actionable items that spur business growth.
He picks up on things such as tone, micro-expressions, word choice, and the like to dig deeper into the challenges a business owner, particularly lawyers, face in building their practices. He coaches a select group to even greater success.
If you're interested in stepping up your game, get in touch with Charley.

👍 AJ Yolofsky, estates and business law
Charley is a rarity and truly peerless. In an industry rife with charlatans, separating the wheat from the chaff can sometimes be difficult. However, after but a moment's interaction with Charley, it's abundantly clear that he is the genuine article.
Professional without preaching, Charley commands authority naturally. I listen to this man intently. He is my coach and a true friend. Charley is the type of person you want in your inner circle.”

👍 Nate Amendola, criminal defense

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