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Secrets to High-Converting Copy for Law Firms!

Imagine the words you use in your marketing with 2x, 5x, or even 10x the results you get today... Learn the strategies taught by greats including Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, and more, now applied to the legal profession! This one-of-a-kind course gets you (and your team members) writing A+ level copy in less than four hours of training. Keep reading to learn more....

What You WRITE is the #1 Difference Between Marketing Success and Failure

The words you use are HIDDEN WEAPONS in the marketing war.

This is doubly true for law firms. Why? Because most law firms use generic, mediocre words. They walk in the middle of the road and get ignored by their prospects. Simple, dynamic changes to your firm's messaging can unlock HUGE GROWTH.

The Copywriting Crash Course makes it EASY for you to upgrade your marketing. Increase authority, trust, and connection without changing any other part of your marketing than the words you use. This course includes:

  • ​Copywriting Drills: Follow along with specific exercises to build your "Copy Brain." You will never deal with writer's block again with your marketing. These drills follow the habit-forming concepts from Atomic Habits to make your writing automatic and natural.
  • ​Power Phrases: Every copywriter keeps a bank of hard-hitting words and phrases. This collection is tailored to the legal profession and mindful of the ethics rules you face (while maintaining their marketing POWER).
  • ​Pre-built Campaigns: Want to put your new copywriting skills to use? Piggyback on three ready-made campaigns to get more reviews, attract more referrals, and increase appointment conversions. Just apply your new knowledge to the fill-in-the-blank sections and launch in an hour or less!

The only way I could make this easier would be to literally write it for you. But I'm more of a "teach a man to fish" person. This course will set you up with all the tools you need. Experience success in your marketing like never before... and actually ENJOY putting this skill to use! (Secretly, it will also improve all your legal writing as well - just ask lawyer Steven Goldstein who uses these strategies when communicating with judges. He says "it's my secret weapon and the judges love it!")

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THE ULTIMATE Persuasive Writing Course for Law Firm Marketing!

You may think I am CRAZY to offer this program at such a low price with everything you are going to get inside...

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Speaking "Client-ese"

Build a profile for your ideal client that instantly triggers natural language in your copy. You will become the CLIENT WHISPERER in no time!

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Fast Action Formulas

No more blank pages. Follow these time-tested formulas used by billion-dollar copywriters - now redesigned for lawyers!

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Attention-Grabbing Headlines

You have 5-10 words to grab your ideal client's attention. Don't waste a single word by learning how to hit hard with your headlines!

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Killer Bullet List Writing

The first skill I teach every copywriter is how to write killer bullets. This simple method is worth $100,000+ in new clients!

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"Mind Reading" Language

Ever read something and felt like the writer was reading your mind? Use this superpower to lock in the attention of high-quality prospects!

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Copy and Paste Campaigns

Transfer your new copywriting skills onto ready-made templates - zero time between learning and launching new marketing!

This Skill Literally Changed My Life... And It Will Change Yours, Too!

It's like having a superpower...

Just imagine being able to sit down at your computer and type out a marketing message that yields tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. For many, just a few thousand bucks is enough.

Does it seem impossible?

Could it really be so easy?

Truly, yes!

And your law firm has a built-in advantage... your average client value is far higher than what Joe the Plumber sells down the street. Your margins dwarf those of 95% of businesses in your community! This means every client you scoop up yields returns others would drool over...

 Do you want MORE CLIENTS?

Want it to be EASY to attract them?

Eager for a HIGH RETURN ON INVESTMENT from your advertising?

This is how copywriting Changed. My. Life.

I remember my early days creating marketing for a local law firm. It was a lot of video uploads and blogging. (Remember blogging?!)

These were good ideas, but they lacked punch. It was a classic case of "sit and wait" marketing. You pumped out a lot of content and waited around for someone to appreciate how good it was or how much "value" it created.

Turns out, the value mattered a lot less than getting the message right...

Not only getting the message right, but actually communicating it...

Making it interesting...

And driving the reader to a CALL TO ACTION.

Looking around, I saw how many law firms missed all of these components. The owners were able to talk about why people liked their firms, but the words were a jumbled mess. At the end of the day, they settled for wimpy taglines and generic adjectives.

Meanwhile, I was looking into the worlds of legendary copywriters, like Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Gary Halbert, and more. Then I found people like Stefan Georgi, Justin Goff, Ben Settle, Kim Krause-Schwalm, Parris Lampropolous... modern moneymakers showing how to build killer copy.

Yet there still wasn't a proper answer to the big question...

"Who is showing law firm owners how to apply this LIFE-CHANGING SKILL to their marketing?"

Sure, there are plenty of wanna-be, wishy-washy, "of the moment" gurus showing up. They flash the occasional snappy headline. Do a little song and dance that's just a repeat of what someone else said... without ever "translating" it to the unique needs of a law firm.

Well, that just won't do...

The Ultimate Persuasive Skill, "Translated" To Use In Law Firms!

You may not be able to use the same outrageous claims as the supplement industry... The same advice used to market and sell investment newsletters just won't apply... (These are two of the largest industries where copywriters cut their teeth - meaning almost all of their examples come from there.)

But that shouldn't stop you from punching up the persuasion!

Here's the deal...

I get it.

As someone who ran the marketing for a major law firm, I know the difficulties you face. There are all kinds of rules and regulations. (Some of them are just perceived rules, as I have discovered.) You feel shackled to the norms of the profession.

On top of it all, there are the Ivory Tower Powers who don't want you to use "that kind of marketing."

Of course they don't!

If you choose to play a different game, how can they lord over you and tell you to wait your turn?

This is what great copywriting does for law firms...

It upsets the balance of power.

Even better?

You will connect on a deeper level with all of your potential clients. The strongest copywriting gets deep inside the mind of the prospect. You have a "one-way conversation" with the reader. You already know what those conversations sound like, but you don't yet have the tools to put them in your marketing.

Everything is about to change...

From Learn to LAUNCH in Less than Four Hours!

The only law firm copywriting course built to empower instant action...

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Best Practices Built for Law Firms...

You could spend over a decade reading 100s of books, watching 100s more lectures, testing countless messages... or get everything you NEED to boost your marketing campaigns in less than four hours!

  • ​To the Point: No fluff... no padding... you're busy building a law firm, so you need the MAXIMUM BENEFIT in a single afternoon
  • ​Tested: With over a decade coaching law firm owners and marketing directors, plus years as the marketing director for a firm, these methods are proven and used by 1,000+ firms today
  • ​Easy to Implement: Instead of trying to decipher the wit and wisdom of aged copywriters, work directly from "just for law firms" ideas and insight to speed up implementation

Unpack the Power and Punch of Written Persuasion

Learn How to Use a Keyboard (or Pen and Paper) to Attract and Convert More Clients Than Ever Before...

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Module One

Ultimate Money Maker

  • ​#1 Skill: Fundamentally change the way your firm's marketing works by being a "copy first" marketer
  • ​Empowered WritingYour keyboard will go from word processor to moneymaking machine for you!
  • ​Groundbreaking Results: Master your written message and radically improve advertising outcomes

Module Two

Ideal Client Workshop

  • ​Practical: Most people tell you to figure out your ideal client... okay, but how??? Follow a road map to create an ideal client profile you will use!
  • Stand Out: Writing toward an ideal client makes your copy stand out - no more generic, bland messaging
  • Qualified Leads: You will feel like you attached a military-grade magnet to your marketing when your lead quality instantly skyrockets!
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Module Three

"Cheat Code" Formulas

  • ​No More Writers Block: Imagine sitting down to write and it just happens automatically!
  • Battle-testedGet formulas with decades of "in the trenches" use by legendary copywriters.
  • ​Easy to Use: Whether you are a novice or intermediate copywriter, you will accelerate your implementation!

Module Four

"Whiplash Worthy" Headlines

  • ​Increase TrafficGet more clicks and calls from prospects than ever before!
  • No More DOA Marketing: Create instant excitement in your messages with stunning headlines
  • Outrageous Advantage: Get the competitive edge no one else can steal from you by mastering the art of creating attention-grabbing headlines with ease!
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Module Five

Big, Bad Bullet List Writing

  • ​The Secret Weapon: Once you master writing bullets, every marketing campaign will be 2X as effective!
  • Drive ActionBuild energy and get your prospect excited to pick up the phone and call you
  • "Human Friendly": Bullet writing takes advantage of how your ideal clients already consume information, making it the perfect way to grab and keep their attention on your website, mailer, emails, and more!

Module Six

"Mind Reader" Flow

  • In Their HeadProspects will think you are reading their minds when they read your words!
  • Conversational Tone: Easier to write and easier to understand for your ideal client
  • Make Writing a Breeze: When you turn your writing into a conversation, the words come naturally - you predict where your client's mind is going and answer the questions they have... it's natural persuasion!
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Module Seven

Digital Dominance

  • ​Client First Web Copy: This one change could drive up to 150% increase in online conversions!
  • Incorporating SEOPersuasion and the science of SEO can go hand in hand... I've made it easy for you
  • "Kill the Goldfish": Stop worrying about the six-second attention span "rule"... that's for weak marketers and bad copywriters. People will eagerly read what you write and stick around for more!

Module Eight

Pre-built Campaigns

  • Copy, Paste, Fill in the BlankApply your new skills in small chunks for these quickstart campaigns
  • Reviews and Referrals: Want more 5-star reviews, plus more referrals from other lawyers? You now have the templates ready to go! Just send a few simple pieces and watch the results come in...
  • Appointment Success: Increase show-up rates and in-the-room conversions with this sequence!
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Ready To Get Started And Achieve "Impossibly Good" Results in Your Marketing?

Then let's get started right away with your Copywriting Crash Course... Every minute you wait is another minute you could be writing the next headline to change your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the BEST investment you will make in your law firm marketing education, but you may have more questions...

 Do I need any copywriting skills to get started?

Nope, not at all! This is the perfect place to start. For those who DO have copywriting chops, the Copy Crash Course is like pouring fuel on your fire.

 Will I get course updates free?

Absolutely, yes! If we launch additional modules, you will automatically have access. Also, we will notify you whenever a new part is added to the program.

 How is the course delivered?

You login into our training platform to view the lessons and download the workbook materials. It is easy-to-use and a carefully crafted experience.

 Is there a guarantee?

You have full risk reversal! If you don't think this course delivers 100x value after actually using the materials, I will absolutely refund you the whole cost of the program.

 How fast can this training be put to use?

Buy it in the morning, use it the same afternoon! The practical application is immediate. For example, you could literally send out the reviews campaign in the next 60 minutes if you buy now.

 Can I share the training login with my team?

Yes, you can share the training with your employees. I only ask you don't share it with people outside your office - but you don't want to give away your new advantage anyway, right?

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