Personal Coaching

Work 1-on-1 with Charley to Grow Your Law Firm

As the coach to multi-million dollar law firms and deca-millionaire owners (along with six-figure firms and new wealth-growing owners), I want to elevate you and your law firm to unprecedented levels. Together, we will...

  • Advance your leadership skills 
  • ​Increase new clients and revenue
  • ​Establish a winning strategic growth plan
  • ​Create clarity on your personal vision
  • ​Hold you accountable to hitting the goals
  • ​And a lot more!
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Personal Coaching

Work 1-On-1 With Charley To Grow Your Law Firm

As the coach to multi-million dollar law firms and deca-millionaire owners, I want to elevate you and your law firm to unprecedented levels. Together, we will...

  • Advance your leadership skills​​
  • ​Increase new clients and revenue
  • ​​Establish a winning strategic growth plan
  • ​​Create clarity on your personal vision
  • ​​Hold you accountable to hitting the goals
  • ​​And a lot more!
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Elevate Your Life and Law Firm

This Will Not Be Your Ordinary Coaching Relationship...

To get it right, we need to know what is wrong today with the lawyer coaching industry...

I see a lot of people enter the space as coach wanna-bes.

They usually come from one of two angles. The first is the exploiter. This is a coach who sees lawyers as easy money. You already deal with this problem in the digital marketing world. Don't be the piggybank for someone who doesn't know a first consultation from a signing meeting in an estate planning firm.

My journey into the world of coaching lawyers happened by learning directly from legendary lawyer guru, Ben Glass. I have hundreds of relationships with law firm owners just like you, and I love helping you succeed as a community builder, job creator, and success influencer.

The second is the "do it like me" coach. This is a lawyer who basically wants to talk about his or her own law firm while you listen - the coaching skill is missing. And when you ask questions, their experience is limited to what they do in their law firm. It's not the worst option, since emulating successful firms is a good idea. The question is just whether or not that person should be your coach. After all... Are you building YOUR law firm or someone else's? Your coach should bring out the ultimate version of you as a leader and law firm entrepreneur. This doesn't come from copying one person's firm; it happens by using best practices tested in hundreds of firms and recoded just for you.

I'm not a lawyer. The strategies we discuss come from well-established patterns I saw over a decade-plus of research, conversations, and coaching. You deserve a strategic plan and guidance built around your needs. Often, I see the "do it like me" coach just telling you what book they read recently and the most recent idea they launched - neither of which have proven results.

Our coaching relationship as a two-way street...

We are there to mutually enrich each others' lives.

If we aren't having fun building together, why are we doing this? This is doubly true considering the fact we will text between sessions, catch up via voice memos, and more. The relationship only thrives if we actually like each other.

Coaching lawyers is my business...

Meaning I am in the business of YOU. 

Be pushed to Achieve and Live at Your Greatest Level

Stop Hiding Your Gifts - Put Them to Their Highest and Best Use to Live Fully

Ever felt like you're holding yourself back to make others happy? As an entrepreneur, the are gifted with the ability to make a better world for others around you. It is up to you to unleash this ability to create new opportunities for yourself and others!

  • Overcome impostor syndrome as a business leader
  • ​Discover what gifts you have that are un- or under-used
  • ​Live fully as YOU - the most realized and powerful version of YOU
  • ​Amplify your influence in your community
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Set and Hit Goals Exceeding Your Expectations

Astonish Yourself With How Fast You Achieve Your Goals

We will not just set but hit accelerated timelines on your goals. Imagine living your "5 years from now" life in the next 18 months... this is not only possible but happening for my clients today!

Together, we will...

  • ​Push your personal envelope and rethink what is possible
  • Create an implementation-ready plan to make the dream a reality
  • Keep you on track and moving fast (without burning out)
  • ​Eliminate real and perceived barriers in front of your perfect life

Enjoy an Enriching 1-on-1 Coaching Relationship

No Subject is Off Limits - yOU are the Priority

Don't spend a minute longer being "lonely at the top." Our coaching will give you a space to discuss any barrier holding you back. And there will be times when we uncover previously unknown barriers through the 1-on-1 relationship.

  • ​You deserve time to have the focus on YOU
  • ​We will dream big together and you may be shocked at how easy the big goals seem after we break them down into actions
  • ​Every entrepreneur needs a support system
  • ​Recharge and reset to achieve more and stay in a positive mindset
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Setting Expectations

How Does Coaching with Charley Actually Work?

Whether you have worked with a coach before or not, it helps for us to have an outline of how our time together will work. Most of my clients are with me for 3+ years, so we want to make sure we are aligned at the very beginning...

Set Our Priorities, Goals, and Expectations

It is critical to understand the "goal behind the goals." Yes, we will set objective revenue and profit markers. There will be time management objectives and other measurables. However, it is equally important to create a holistic picture of what you want to achieve. If you all you want is to tune up your marketing, take a look at our courses. But if you want to live consistently as your ideal self, 1-on-1 coaching is where that happens.

Expect us to discuss physical health, personal development obstacles, mindset blocks, financial principles, and more during our sessions. Why? Because all of these elements play a role in the bigger picture of SUCCESS.

Analysis of Current State of the Firm and Client (aka You)

During the onboarding process, you will fill out a detailed document going over your current reality. This includes information about your law firm and about you. We need to establish a baseline in order to measure improvement. As an entrepreneur, you are a high-performance athlete. The measurables allow us to see objective progress and understand what needs work.

Strategy Development and Resource Curation

Goals without actions are just wishes. And I'm not in the business of hoping our wishes come true.

We put action behind our objectives. Together, we will create your strategic growth plan. Depending on the objectives, this can include marketing plans, hiring, management restructuring, sales processes, new market exploration, and more. There are many moving components of a law firm, and it will be hard for you to show up with a scenario I don't have some experience in.

Ultimately, the strategic plan is YOURS. You will own the plan - literally and, more importantly, metaphorically. No more stuffing your firm into the plans others talk about. This is like going from shopping off the rack to working with a personal tailor to construct your clothes from scratch. They fit better and you're more confident in them. Same with your strategic plan we create. Because it is truly YOURS, the excitement and ability to execute will be far greater.

Ongoing Accountability and Exploration

The commitment to coaching is a commitment to yourself. Many clients say, "It just helps to know there is someone who is going to ask me what I got done."

One critical factor to my client's growth is establishing the right type of accountable. You are a busy law firm owner, and we want the to-do list to be one you actually accomplish. I won't let you bite off more than you can chew... while also not accepting small ball action items. By keeping consistent action through proper accountability, your growth will be almost automatic.

Additionally, the coaching relationship is always evolving. We explore new territory and retread old ideas/goals. The strategic plan may evolve... and that is normal. Adaptation is part of the process, and we will handle all the challenges together!

Would You Really Procrastinate on Achieving Your Ideal Future?

Let's Go Faster and Further Together

You arrived at this page for a reason. Whether it was an obvious desire for a coach or curiosity about the process, the next action to take is to schedule time for us to talk. Why delay a moment longer? Trust yourself and take action... it's time to talk about your future.

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